Chuck Wichgers on the Issues


As the son of a retired Greenfield Police Detective, and the brother of police officers, Chuck Wichgers is committed to supporting our local law enforcement. With violent crimes on the rise in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, our communities need strong elected representation to stand up against the soft-on-crime agenda. Victims have rights and need recourse so they may feel safe in their homes, schools, workplace, and communities. This is a battle we can not afford to lose!


As the parents to eight children, and grandparents to two, Chuck and his wife Michelle understand that all human life deserves to be protected, from the unborn to the eldest of our parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Chuck fully supports legislation that strengthens pro-life principles and actively campaigns against the "progressive" pro-choice agenda.

Religious Freedom

Our First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of religion are non-negotiable. The Founding Fathers of our nation put these first in the Constitution because they are the most basic, but also the most powerful, rights in a free society.

Recently, laws have been passed in several states that were written to ensure these rights were protected so people could live and work according to their faith without fear of reprisal. Unfortunately, these laws have come under attack from left-wing activists who decry these protections as discriminatory.

Chuck will fight for our freedom of religion and for our right to live our lives by our faith.

Herion / Opioid / Fentanyl Epidemic

Professionally, Chuck has been focused on the epidemic the narcotic abuse that leads to heroine abuse. For several years, he has been working to create an organization dedicated to helping those in health care that promote conservative treatments for pain, to be more involved with monitoring the use of these medications and helping patients get off them when they are no longer necessary.

Chuck has been a distributor of conservative treatments for pain, working directly with doctors and patients to find solutions. He has been on the front lines of the fight against this epidemic. He understands the science behind the cause of addiction and knows key people in the fight that continue to enable him to make legislative progress and help people.


With children in college, high school, and middle school, Chuck has been immersed in all levels of the education system. He and Michelle have been extremely active in all of their children's education and curriculum.

Common Core is a substandard set of ideological directions forced onto many schools by the Federal government and other governing bodies.

School curriculum should be set by the states and local school boards, not the Federal government. The Common Core standards are deeply flawed and must be repealed and replaced here in Wisconsin. Chuck is dedicated to standing against forced national curriculum for the good of our entire education system.

Second Amendment

Second only to freedom of speech and religion, our right to keep and bear arms is critical to a free society. Chuck fully supports the right to self-defense and the right to carry concealed weapons. Before enacting unnecessary and unconstitutional gun control measures, the laws currently on the books need to actually be enforced.

Hunting has been a family tradition and he opposes restrictions and bans on certain lead ammunition.

The Second Amendment has, and will continue to, endure attacks from left-wing groups opposed to firearm ownership. On the state level, Chuck will always fight on behalf of legal, responsible gun owners to preserve this right for us all.


You know how to spend your money better than the government does. Chuck believes we all should keep more of our hard-earned money in our pockets. Wisconsin has made significant progress since Governor Walker and the majority Republican legislature were elected in 2010. Their actions led to the first drop in property taxes on a median-valued Wisconsin home in over a decade. Reducing the income and property tax burden should always be a priority for elected officials, while also looking to eliminate wasteful spending and keeping a balanced budget.

Economic Growth / Small Business

The tax and regulation burden on small businesses in Wisconsin continues to be far too great. These burdens often prevent business owners from expanding, or even opening up at all. Wisconsin's entrepreneurs need further tax reform and the removal of some stifling regulations.

Strong small businesses lead to family-supporting jobs, which lead to strong and vibrant communities.

Local Control

As a former Alderman in Muskego and Waukesha County Board Supervisor, Chuck is passionate about local citizens having the most power to govern themselves. He believes the autonomy the states receive from the Tenth Amendment is key to our free society. But, the right of the people to govern themselves at the county and municipality levels are just as important.